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Convicted person Raimond Shtalberg has committed a new crime, but is still enjoying freedom

Repeated offender R.Shtalberg, sentenced to 3 years and 6 months of deprivation of liberty and a man from intelligence services sentenced to 4 years of deprivation of liberty for arson of state official V.Vashkevich’s car are still enjoying freedom. On April 18, 10 (ten!) years after the crime wa......more

Please meet: persons accused in so called „Case of Valdimir Vashkevich’s Subaru arson” Raimonds Shtalbergs and Edgars Gulbis.

In this criminal case previously convicted criminal Raimonds Shtalberg is being charged with the following: 1) organization of Vladimir Vashkevich’s (high-ranking official former Deputy Director General of State Revenue Service and Director of Customs Criminal Board) car arson; 2) theft of docu......more

Where he got money from, or whom courts and State Revenue Service are giving a pass to in Latvia?!

A scandalous criminal with multiple arrests Raimond Shtalberg we already told about many times before (, и ), "pulled in" his first criminal record from 1999 till 2004, when he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for fraud. Duri......more

Special aspects of Latvian Justice or "Shtalberg’s cases".

Who was justified by Riga city District Court: a case on tax evasion of Shtalberg is being tried at present in Vidzemes outskirts court. Moreover, starting from 2008 a court is also trying a case, where Shtalberg together with former military officer of President and Saeima security service, are ......more

Vladimir Vashkevich’s lawyer believes that E.Gulbis and R.Shtalberg, who are being accused for arsons and thefts, are dragging out the trial with malicious intent

Latvian Themis is about to break a record: the case is being tried at the court of first instance for eight years already. Criminal case on car arson of director of Customs Criminal Board, deputy director general of State Revenue Service Vladimir Vashkevich and theft of documents from entrepreneu......more

Port boss keeps his job despite corruption case

The longstanding Chief Executive Officer of the Freeport of Riga, Leonids Loginovs, staed in his job after winning the backing of the port's board despite the opening of a criminal case against him by anti-corruption officers, LSM reports.  It's far from the first time Loginovs has......more

Many sectors banned from 'micro-business' status

The Latvian government on Tuesday agreed a list of 37 industries and sectors in which companies will no longer be able to register as so-called 'micro-enterprises'. The micro-enterprise scheme was set up to encourage the formation of small companies under a low tax regime that would eventually gr......more

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