Attempted murder of Inara’s husband - V. Vashkevich

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Inara’s story

Inara Vilkaste in 2012
Daughters Diana and Olga in 1991; Credits: Sergejs Kondrasins/I.Vilkaste

In December of 2005 Inara Vilkaste concluded the largest real estate deal in the history of Latvia at the time.


Immediately after that she became an object of criminal actions. Extortion, arson, a murder attempt and illegal searches of the property owned by Mrs. Vilkaste.


Soon after that a media campaign unfolded against Inara Vilkaste and her former husband Vladimir Vashkevich as a result of which both of them were close to a psychological breakdown.


Looking for a lever to be used against Mr. Vashkevich, they started expressing criminal interest toward Inara Vilkaste and their children. Please, read more about "Threats & Emotions" below.


Threats and emotions

During the years-long persecution, Mrs. Vilkaste and her family had to go through dramatic events. Arson, explosions, kidnapping and house raids, - to name just a few. The persecution and threats started in 2006. Please note: Most of the dramatic events happened every year around her birthday, which is May 24!


Here are some details:

On May 15, 2006 the gate of the family's house in Riga was rammed by a van filled with gas cylinders and exploded. The family was not hurt, but a fireman got injured. The same day there was an attempt to kidnap the younger daughter of Mrs. Vilkaste. Fortunately, the girl could return home safely.


In 2006 Mrs. Vilkaste received repeated extortion demands and threats. The extortionist turned out to be an employee of Mrs. Vilkaste. As it was found out later, he was an ex-convict, charged with bribery, fraud and forgery. Several more extortions followed. Soon a suspicion appeared that the extortions were linked to some officials of the special services, whose criminal interests were touched by Mr. Vashkevich as a result of his professional duties.


On May 21, 2007 there was an attempt to kill Vladimir Vaskevich, the father of her two daughters. His car was blown up in front of his place of work. He got seriously injured in this attack and he is still suffering from the after-effects.

Credit: LETA

May 24, 2010 was the last day when lawyer Mr. Ainars Platacis was seen. He represented the family of Inara Vilkaste and he disappeared without a trace. Any important information about his whereabouts is highly appreciated.

Mrs. Vilkaste needs to appear at court almost every day. During her legal battle against state authorities, it turned out, that many accusations against her were fabricated or simply false. Please, read some examples of false accusations.

Her life in brief

Mrs. Vilkaste is a keen entrepreneur and opened her first business soon after the declaration of independence of the State of Latvia. In 2005 she concluded what was referred to as Latvia’s largest real estate deal at the time. She designed this project in Riga, including offices, a shopping mall and a living area. Many more projects followed. Find more about Mrs. Vilkaste's life:


One of the most prestigious projects in Riga. Credit: I. Vilkaste
Inara Vilkaste is in real estate business since 20 years. Credit: Sergejs Kondrasins
Inara Vilkaste’s life cycles (24.05.1961 until 2012). Credit: I. Vilkaste