Please meet: persons accused in so called „Case of Valdimir Vashkevich’s Subaru arson” Raimonds Shtalbergs and Edgars Gulbis.

In this criminal case previously convicted criminal Raimonds Shtalberg is being charged with the following:


1) organization of Vladimir Vashkevich’s (high-ranking official former Deputy Director General of State Revenue Service and Director of Customs Criminal Board) car arson;

2) theft of documents from I.Vilkaste.


Employee of intelligence services, military officer of Saeima and State President Security Service Edgars Gulbis is being charged with:


1) abetting in Vashkevich’s car arson;

2) two bribes;

3) forgery of formal qualification degree and theft of TNT briquette and

4) casting aspersions on policemen, who arrested him.


The prosecution believes that in early summer 2006 Raimonds Shtalbergs „guided by personal enmity to Vladimir Vashkevich and willing to intimidate him” created a plan to inflict damage to him. The plan was divided into stages. First step: stealing a car.


Step two: filling a car with flammable liquid cylinders. Step three: deliver a „car bomb” to Eksporta Street building where Vashkevich is working with an intent to set on fire a car Vashkevich is being driving - Subaru Impreza parked near building of Customs Criminal Board.


Shtalberg involved his friends to complete the plan – previously multiple times convicted Evgeny Belov and employee of intelligence services Edgar Gulbis, as long as some unknown person.


The team started to act on June 28, 2006...
Sentence will be announced on Monday, 18.04.16
(A case was divided into separate proceedings regarding Belov, as long as this accused person disappeared, but later he was found and convicted.)