Where he got money from, or whom courts and State Revenue Service are giving a pass to in Latvia?!

A scandalous criminal with multiple arrests Raimond Shtalberg we already told about many times before (http://ow.ly/10zjmA, http://ow.ly/10zjtC и http://ow.ly/10zjDR ), "pulled in" his first criminal record from 1999 till 2004, when he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for fraud.


During the investigation it was officially established that all the wealth, acquired by the hard work consisted of an old flat and a cupboard. At any rate it was the only property investigators found belonging to him and disposed during investigation of his case.


And now, attention! As one of famous satirist used to say.
During many criminal proceedings regarding the unexampled harassment of former head of Latvia Customs Criminal Board Vladimir Vashkevich and his family members, not so respected Mr. Shtalberg several times gave evidence about:


■ 200 000 EUR in cash at disposal of himself in 2006, which he left in someone’s office and forgot about. He remembered about this sum, which seems to be quite little for him, in about a week, and decided to go to the police and state that this money was allegedly stolen from him;


■ 634 300 EUR in cash repaid to Inara Vilkaste as a payment for his credit in 2005-2006;


■ 550 000 EUR in cash he allegedly paid to Riga city Council officials as a bribe in November 2005.


So, according to not just words, but to testimonies Shtalberg stated on oath and to be recorded multiple times, a person who had nothing to be disposed in 2004, except for a cupboard, according to his own words after just in a little over a year made free use of money in amount at least, 1 384 300 euros. And he had not just a free use. He was using them so freely that he forgot about disappearance of some poor 200 thousands he left in somebody’s office, and failed to remember for a week.
Questions, questions, questions...


There are just a few versions. Just two of them. Choose the one you like most:


1. Raimond Shtalberg is a criminal and a liar who defamed honest persons, blaming them for committing serious crimes.


2. Raimond Shtalberg is an honest person, who gave true testimonies during investigation and court hearings, but he is a criminal and thief at the same time, which robbed us and is hiding at least one and a half million euros from taxation.


Our poor State Revenue Service or any court could give the right answer – several complaints were submitted to courts with a request to get informed, where a person, who was near poverty line, suddenly received such big amounts of money from.


But our Latvian Themis is not only blind, but also deaf. Not a single complaint was considered on the merits.


Why? We have our version and we are going to inform about it very soon.
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