Special aspects of Latvian Justice or "Shtalberg’s cases".

Who was justified by Riga city District Court:
a case on tax evasion of Shtalberg is being tried at present in Vidzemes outskirts court.


Moreover, starting from 2008 a court is also trying a case, where Shtalberg together with former military officer of President and Saeima security service, are being charged with  arson of car of then head of Customs Criminal Board Vladimir Vashkevich.


Prosecution believes that in early summer of 2006 accused person created a plan to inflict damage to Vladimir Vashkevich.


A plan was divided into stages. First step: to steal a car from high-ranking state official.


Step two: filling a car with flammable liquid cylinders. Step three: deliver a „car bomb” to Eksporta Street building where Vashkevich is working with an intent to set on fire and destroy a car Vashkevich is being driving - Subaru Impreza parked near building of Customs Criminal Board.


Shtalberg involved his friends to complete the plan – previously multiple times convicted Evgeny Belov and Edgar Gulbis, as long as some unknown person.


A team started to act. In the evening on June 27, 2006, Gulbis and Shtalberg met in Riga, Ozolciema Street and Shtalberg set a task to Gulbis: June 28, 2006 from 10 AM to 12 PM to go to ethnographic museum in Jugla, Riga, get a car, stolen by Belov. In case if traffic police would stop them, Gulbis was to show his service certificate. Then he was to drive a car to Ganibu Dambis region and give to an unknown person – a perpetrator of last step of a plan. This person had to deliver a can with flammable liquid to working place of Vashkevich and commit an arson.


Everything went according to the plan: in the morning, at Brivibas Street 448 near the burned-down building Belov met Gulbis. Military officer took previously stolen car VW Jetta from Belov, delivered it to parking place of Rimi supermarket at Pulkvezha Briezha Street and in 12:30 left a car for third bander. This person got keys from Gulbis, put a can of 20 l capacity filled with a mix of gasoline and diesel fuel to the trunk and about 13:00 arrived near the building of Customs Criminal Board.


He parked a car near Vashkevich’s Subaru Impreza, put a can with mentioned flammable liquid near driver seat of Vashkevich’s car, burned a paper put in can neck and ran away. A car was saved only because security noticed a can very early. It was dragged to the traffic way and extinguished with fire extinguisher: http://ow.ly/10z1Zb


To be continued.
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