The Case of Inara Vilkaste

“I have exhausted all legal means possible. The protection of my citizen rights was simply denied. My last chance to achieve justice in my case was the appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (.pdf)."

(Inara Vilkaste) 

The application to the European Court of Human Rights was submitted to the Court in Strasbourg in October 2011:


In essence the complaint is about violations of two provisons of the Human Rights Convention:


Article 8 to protect the human right of private and family life and

Article 1/of Protocol 1 on protection of property.


Furthermore, the complaint is based on the following factors:

  • "In the first place, there is the sheer number of the investigations by the police or public prosecution conducted against her or in which she is somehow involved.
  • Secondly, the length of time during which these police investigations are pending is indicative of the campaign conducted against her.
  • Finally, the frequency of the interrogations by the police or public prosecutors in which the applicant is invited to appear in order to testify as a witness in investigations against other persons, and which prevent her from going about her business in a normal way, clearly shows harassment on the part of the authorities.” (taken from: The complaint to the ECHR)

Mrs. Vilkaste exhausted all legal means in Latvia, before she had appealed to the President of the State of Latvia and the Attorney General.


Complaint EN1: Head of KNAB and President of Latvia 21.02.2011 (.pdf)
Complaint EN2: Heads of KNAB and President of Latvia 21.04.2011(.pdf)
EN 24 05 2011: Reply from the Attorney General Office (.pdf)


Fotocredit: I. Vilkaste

After years of persecution and countless court proceedings documents pile up in her workroom.


Inara Vilkaste’s case is just one out of many in Latvia. Looking closer onto such cases, the dark side of the political and legal system of Latvia can clearly be observed. It shows a state where certain groups within state authorities have gotten out of control and act on behalf of their own – often shady - interests.


There was a book written by journalist Lato Lapsa called “The Other Kitchen” about “the system”  (pdf-files of selected chapters of the book). Disclaimer: The author gave permission to use excerpts from his book. The book is available only in Latvian. This English version of some chapters is an unofficial version.


It is important to understand, that

  • on the one hand, the State is prosecuting Inara Vilkaste: numerous criminal proceedngs (clearly ungrounded, such as theft of a mobile and theft of a Rolex etc.) against Mrs. Vilkaste and her close ones, including her 78 years old housekeeper.
  • On the other hand, in all situations where Mrs. Vilkaste seeks protection from criminal actions against her - this protection is either denied, or ineffective (e.g. the police refuses to investigate when Mrs. Vilkaste was recently threatened to be killed in an Internet commentary).


Opening cases and splitting cases that are based on fabricated facts or irreproducible accusations over and over again can only be done by official institutions. Mrs. Vilkaste came into their focus, but the reasons were never revealed to her.


If one takes a closer look onto all those proceedings, one will find that most of them hover around the same irreproducible accusations all the time. One cannot fight these cases because the authorities split them up into countless proceedings and hold endless court hearings. Mrs. Vilkaste is forced to attend all the court hearings and interrogations over and over again. 

Unbelievable but true: nearly daily at court

As victim, as witness, just as “involved” or even as suspect – the schedule of Inara Vilkaste and her family in September and October. No time left for private life or business. Who wants to destroy this woman?