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Recent signers:

7 months 12 days Melanie Gotz Polska
10 months 2 days Яблоков Виктор Österreich
1 year 5 months Jgor Karshev chernobylec Latvija
1 year 6 months Владимир Верешко Latvija
2 years 5 months Ятковский Кирилл Україна
2 years 5 months Jānis Veinbergs Latvija
2 years 6 months Bikša Andris Latvija
2 years 9 months Olga Koroleva Latvija
3 years 4 months Mateusz Farbiś Polska
3 years 4 months Bartłomiej Stolarski Polska

I want to join the committee 'Justice for Inara'

Please send an E-mail to office(at)justiceforinara.eu