The Committee

Inara Vilkaste decided to seek help outside her country. Walter Schwimmer, former member of Austrian Parliament and former elected Secretary General of the Council of Europe, clearly observed that Mrs. Vilkaste was facing unfair treatment in her country.

Fotocredit: W.Schwimmer

“A European citizen and successful Latvian business woman, Inara Vilkaste, was drawn into a nightmare. Since 2006 she and her family have been confronted with dramatic incidents and persecutions. It seems that the story about Josef K. in Franz Kafka’s famous novel “The Trial” has come true. Understandable, that she does not feel protected in her country anymore. Therefore, after having exhausted all legal means in Latvia, the case was taken to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in order to achieve a fair and independent legal solution. Latvia as a member of the European Union and the Council of Europe has to listen to a European verdict.

 To support Inara Vilkaste, friends - who are also very keen to foster human rights all over Europe (and beyond) - decided to create a committee “Justice for Inara”, which has been registered as NGO in Austria. We want to raise awareness and to draw attention to an unbelievable story – which is not a novel but unfortunately reality in today’s Europe. We hope that our message will be heard, and at the end the Latvian government will stick to its responsibility and protect its citizen against this nightmare.

We do not want to attack or to harm anybody and certainly not to interfere in Latvian politics. All what we want, is to get justice for Inara through the appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and public awareness in Europe. We want her to get her life back!”


(Dr. Walter Schwimmer, former Secretary General of the Council of Europe) 

The Committee is organising a campaign outside Latvia in order to put an independent and fair picture on her case; it also supports her appeal to the European Court Of Human Rights.


The committee is a not-for-profit association under Austrian law and recognized in all European countries party to the Council of Europe convention no. 124. All activities of the committee and its officials are non-remunerated.